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Practical Perio - Leading Periodontal Education


Here is a selection of feedback and testimonials from previous delegates of our courses and seminars...

Practical Perio lives up to its name. Matt presents and teaches in a very relaxed manner that puts you at ease. He encourages the group to ask questions and for you to draw from your own clinical experiences which results in a greater understanding and depth of learning.

I left feeling like I had had a day out with friends, rather than 7 hours of teaching!

On reflection, I left with lots of practical information, skills and knowledge that you could easily put into your everyday clinical practice.

I can highly recommend to anyone who is considering doing any of the modules not to hesitate because they are excellent value for money, and you will have a great time learning.

"I saw Matt at a presentation at a local BDA perio course. It was an enthusiastic presentation with NONE of the come up to MY course for details later !!!

I had a look at my PDP , saw perio bottom of the sexy list, felt brain dead and booked 4 day course.

This wasn't just a tall hygienist in trousers talking mundane stuff! We were 8, a mixture of hygienists and dentists and from there on, pretty exciting.

His personality is very approachable/helpful and expertise is enviable and confident. There are no airs about him despite lack of O2 at his height and he pretty much told us all he knows, warts, plukes and abscesses, everything.

Not only do we as a group recommend him but we left with a prayer that there were more like him in Dentistry now ! What an amazing refreshing change from those ivory tower academics who decide the fate of the general dentist.

I now know more and have referred patients already. Not only that but this guy i all rounded in training, NLP, academia etc

And no, I haven't pinched these words from someone else's testimonial.

Matt Perkins, Periodontist, is almost as unique as i am!

Kind regards,

"I was initially a sceptic but went to the course with a friend. The course was full of valuable information that was up to date and Matt is an excellent motivator and truly passionate about the subject.

Would highly recommend the 4 day course to improve the periodontal health of your patients. I now have a mentor who is able to advise on complex cases!"

"I can honestly say that Practical Perio is the best CPD course I've ever done!

I've had the great pleasure of spending four days in the company of a small group of like minded dentists, therapists and hygienists who all want to do the best for their patients.

Matt's relaxed, fun, honest and fantastically informative teaching means that I've learned so much and retained far more knowledge than I usually do from larger group lectures.

The opportunity for group discussion, asking as many questions as we needed to and bringing in case studies from our own practices has been invaluable!

I'm excited about what we can achieve for our patients with the right techniques and knowledge.

I'm working with increased confidence and enthusiasm, which is rubbing off on my patients and colleagues!

The clinical benefits are already evident in my patients and I can't wait to see what more we can achieve!"

"I am writing to say thank you so much for taking the time to take part in our programme on Saturday, and to provide you with the feedback from the delegates, which is probably the best feedback we have had on a speaker, that I can remember.

All but 5 of the feedback forms reviewed scored you 10 out of 10 for presentation style and delivery, information provided and value to professional enhancement,3 out of 5 scored you 9 out of 10 and 1 out of 5 scored you 11 out of 10!!.

Several of those scoring you 10 out of 10 added the +++ sign, so I think it would be fair to say 'the boy did good'

Additional comments were:

Excellent and positive
Comprehensive and appropriate
Reinforces the need for extensive note taking
Brilliant, Thank you
Fantastic ,really enjoyed
Direct and greatly valued
My kind of speaker, no nonsense and honest,
No 'faff' direct and to the point
Extremely good
Best lecture I've been to in 10 years

This is fantastic feedback , I am so pleased, thank you so much."

"I've had the privilege of not only attending a few of Matts lectures and study clubs, but also 6 months of his one to one coaching. Matts enthusiasm is infectious, his knowledge of the subject matter is incredible and yet he is able to cross that gap between teacher and student without me feeling patronised! His style is very encouraging and confidence building.

I very much look forward to joining Matt for more extensive implant and perio mentoring next year as part of my Foundation in Implant Dentistry course."

"I have had Matt along several times to lecture to both my FD group and my VT Trainer training days. He is a energetic and stimulating teacher who is full of enthusiasm. He is an ideal person to talk to these groups because as well as his specialist knowledge, he is approachable and includes the group in discussion. I have asked him back next year!"

"I have worked directly with Matt Perkins and my clients providing clinical and business workshops. Matt provides a level of energy that will engage him with any audience and of course has exceptional clinical knowledge and experience"